Main House Second Floor
All rooms offer full baths, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, Individually controlled heating/AC. Madison and Jefferson offer wood burning fireplaces. A 2 nite minimum is required weekends in April/May/September & October, holidays and UVA reunion & Graduation weekends.
The   James   Madison   Room       This     section     of     the     Inn     was   added   in   1937   by   Dean   Runk   and   originally   intended   to   be   his bedroom,   but   a   painful   leg   condition   relocated   Dean   Runk's   bed chambers   to   what   is   now   the   Pub.   Madison   features   a   beautiful solid     cherry     Lexington     king-sized,     four-poster     bed,     wood burning fireplace  Rates: $215-$330   Check Availability
The    James    Monroe    Room     Origi nally     the     bedroom     of     Dean   Runk’s   sister,   Monroe   has   a   cozy,   romantic   feel   with   an   antique bench,   and   an   overall   'snuggly   with   a   glass   of   wine'   feel.   The   room features   a   beautiful   hand   antiqued   (by   Jim)   queen-sized   bed.   The best   is   opening   the   windows   on   beautiful   spring   evenings   for   bird songs & soft breezes. Rates: $195-$300.   Check Availabilit y
Mr.   Thomas   Jefferson's   Room    In   Charlottesville,    it's    always “Mr.”   Jefferson !   Mr.   Jefferson's   room   was   part   of   the   1812 addition,   and   is   directly   above   the   English   Room.   This   section served   as   the   dormitory   of   a   boys'   school   from   1812   to   just   before the   civil   war.   Mr.   Jefferson's   room   offers   a   beautiful   solid   cherry, king-size,   four-poster   bed,   wood   burning   fireplace.   Rates:    $215- $330.   Check Availability
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