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1780, 1812, 1937, 1985
1780 The Silver Thatch Inn is one of the oldest, historic n the central part of Virginia, dating back to 1780. The Inn is a charming clapboard home originally built by Hessian soldiers captured during the Revolutionary War at the Battle of Saratoga, NY, and marched south to Charlottesville. They built a two-story log cabin on the site of a former Indian settlement, and this section of the house is now known as the Hessian Room. 1812   The English Room, in the center part of the Inn, was added in 1812 and served for fifty years as a private boys' school. Above the English room is the Jefferson guest room, the oldest guest room in the Inn, which served as a dormitory for the boys’ school. Following the end of the Civil War, the property was purchased by James Madison Rogers who named his farm, Hollymead Farm. Mr. Rogers  his family raised vegetables & fruit, which he trucked to the Greenbrier each week, and gorgeous flowers sold in the town of Charlottesville weekly along with his vegetables. His 88 year old granddaughter, Mary Louise Cundal Boyd, keeps in touch with Terri by phone. Mary Lou (as she’s known) lives in NJ. The family historian, Mary Lou has provided a wealth of photographs and information on the history of Hollymead Farm and its 300 acres. 1937 In 1937, Mr. Rogers sold the property to Dr. B.F.D. Runk, Dean of Men at UVA from 1937 - 1964. Dean Runk added two bedrooms, one for himself and one for his sister, which are now known as the Madison and Monroe guest rooms on the second floor. Upon developing phlebitis making climbing stairs difficult, Dean Runk had the back porch enclosed and a bedroom added, which is now the Pub. Story has it he saw the Pub before he died, and had a good chuckle. Dr. Runk sold the property in the mid 1960s to Dr. Charles Hurt & Virginia Land Company, who developed the 300 acres into what are now the communities of Hollymead, Forest Lakes North and Forest Lakes South. 1984  In 1984, the President's Cottage was added to complement the Main House. Separating the two (which are divided by a small patio) the Inn offers a total of seven well appointed guest rooms. The Sunroom was added in 1984 as well, and serves as our breakfast room.  The Inn is an incredibly historic venue, and perfect for business retreats for full or half days as well as many other events & celebrations! Click here for our Business Meetings & Events information.