Silver Thatch Inn Bed & Breakfast c1780 Charlottesville, Virginia Invites you to join us for our newest events! Spirit Investigation Adventure! It was a dark and stormy night…from the first day we bought the Inn, back in 1998, we began hearing the stories of things that go bump in the night, not only from guests, but from the former owners as well.  Over the now 19 years I've been at Silver Thatch, the tales have expanded to include not only a blue mist traveling from one door through another, but actual eye-to-eye contact between guests and, well, 'other' guests.  Over time, guests' experiences have become more frequent. So in January, 2017 I made the decision to pursue paranormal investigations. The primary requirement was that the Investigation Team be professional, respectful, and experienced. We thank Gary Foutz & his team, Unsolved Mysteries & Unknown Sightings, for getting us off the ground! To bring as much information and experience to these Investigations as possible, we welcome other Paranormal Investigation Teams here at Silver Thatch. Let me be very clear:  I never share the location of these experiences, although I will re-tell the stories. I love that part. If you've had experiences throughout your life, then you probably will here as well. If you haven't, it's up to the Spirits to consider you 'worthy' or not. I also never share names. I've been a believer in the afterlife and ghosts/spirits, since I was 8 or 9, as well as 'things that go bump in the night.' Over the past 10 years ghosts & the paranormal have enjoyed a lot of media play as entertainment. And it is. However, once I sent out emails that I was starting this venture, I received over 30 responses from folks wanting to share their own stories, and they're right here in Charlottesville! That they have found a way to talk about their experiences with others with similar experiences, is huge! And I know there are more folks out there who want to share their experiences as well. Please understand that Spirit will do what Spirit wants to do, there is no guarantee participants will see or hear anything, it depends on your past experiences. But I will guarantee participants will have an interesting adventure! Next Investigation! Join us on Saturday, March 31st! 4:30p.m. - 8:00 pm $50 per person Special! Click Here to Purchase Tickets Lunar Paranormal Virginia for a night of investigating the Inn, learning new techniques, sharing your personal experiences,  and discovering what Spirit has to say. Amateur Sleuths are welcome to bring your cell phones, note pads/pens are recommended, and a small flashlight. Please, no perfume, smoking, alcohol. Guests are encouraged to participate as much or as little as desired. Skeptics welcome! $70 per person. Give an investigation to your Special Sleuth for any celebration. Reservations 434.978.4686. ~~~~~~~~~
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