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FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Eating (& drinking) your way around the Greater C’ville area
In January 2013 we felt it was the right time to close the fine dining restaurant at the Inn, but in 2016 the itch to cook again took over and we reopened Iggy’s Pub, serving light fare, beer and wines  Wednesday through Saturday. For years Charlottesville has enjoyed the reputation as one of the best places to visit if you love awesome food, brews, wine, & spirits! From down home classic Virginia BBQ complete with hush puppies and house made Q sauces & fried pickles to the height of haute cuisine, you’ll find it in and around C’ville.   We've highlighted a few restaurants but haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the amazing diversity of food (glorious food!) waiting for you!  We’re happy to make reservations & offer suggestions. Or after a day of wine, brews, & history, simply picking up an array of cheeses, sausages, a good baguette to enjoy with your wine you've brought back to enjoy a picnic at the Inn! Whatever your choice, dining in Charlottesville is guaranteed to make your list of best places to eat! (To insure a table & time of choice, we strongly recommend securing reservations prior to your arrival at the Inn, especially in April, May, Sept & Oct, but it’s best to check with your Innkeeper because C’ville is a popular music venue as well!) The BBQ Exchange (Gordonsville) Bizou • Bella's Italian • Clifton Inn The Downtown Grille Fleurie Hamilton's at First & Main • The Ivy Inn • The Local • Maya Restaurant • TENThe Old Mill Room at the Boar's Head Inn Public Fish and Oyster House • Parallel 38   Palladio at Barboursville Winery (Barboursville) • Pomme (Gordonsville) •  The Red Pump • ROCKSALT • Zocalo  and so many more!