WORKSHOPS WITH THE ARTISTS I   am   so   pleased   to   introduce   ‘Workshops   with   the   Artists’!   I've   been   wanting   to do   these   workshops   for   sometime,   and   in   early   April,   I   decided   to   get   my   thoughts   & plans   together   and   do   it!   The   response   to   my   initial   emails   outlining   my   thoughts   of   a workshop   were   wonderful!   You   are   the   reason   the   workshops   will   go   forward.   Thank you! Held   at   the   historic   Silver   Thatch   Inn   c1780,   in   beautiful   Charlottesville,   VA, the   workshops   will   be   plein   air   (weather   permitting)   or   held   indoors   in   a   studio setting.   Artists   are   asked   to   bring   their   own   supplies,   including   easels.   Tables   will   be available or simply use your standing easel. A   weekend   of   painting,   illustration,   figure   drawing,   learning   technique,   with   the focus   of   each   workshop   determined   by   the   guest   Artist.   Best   of   all,   participants   will enjoy   a   weekend   of   fun   &   comaraderie   with   others   with   a   shared   passion   for   art.   So for   a   weekend   of   fun,   friendship,   &   play.   Space   is   limited   to   14   participants,   so   reserve early. Make it a weekend with our Art Workshop Package: 2 Students $457.37, 1   Student   –   $408.18:   Includes   2   nights   room   of   choice*   taxes,   breakfast   (each morning), lunch, non-alcoholic beverages, and wine & cheese gathering at critique. Please note ARTIST WORKSHOP in ‘Special Notes’ when reserving your space.   RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY! Day   Students:   $55   includes   Continental   breakfast,   lunch,   beverages,   snacks   &   wine   & cheese at critique. Please call 434-978-4686 to reserve your space. ARTIST’S FEES ARE PAID DIRECTLY TO THE ARTIST ON WORKSHOP DAY
WORKSHOPS WITH THE ARTISTS at the historic SILVER THATCH INN in Charlottesville, VA watercolor, watermedia, illustration, journaling, figure drawing, landscapes, weaving, pen & ink, textiles, plein air, and so much more!
Silver Thatch Inn Terri Petrovits, Proprietor/Frustrated Watercolorist 3001 Hollymead Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22911 434-978-4686 Email: 
Artists Tamara Murray Lara Call Gastinger  Know an Artist who may be interested in leading workshops I would love to talk with them! 
JANE   SKAFTE   has   been   painting   and   drawing   for   many years,    and    specializes    in    watercolor.    Trained    at    the School   of   the   Art   Institute   of   Chicago,   she   was   a   home furnishings   designer   for   over   20   years,   and   then   earned   a MFA    at    Syracuse    University    and    began    to    teach    and devote   time   to   making   her   own   art.   She   has   served   on the   faculty   of   James   Madison   University   and   Piedmont Virginia   Community   College.   She   is   a   teaching   member of    McGuffey    Art    Center    in    Charlottesville,    regularly exhibits   watercolors   and   colored   pencil   drawings,   which have   been   focusing   on   abstract   and   imagined   landscapes. Jane lives in rural Virginia outside of Charlottesville. Jane's    workshops    will    focus    on    creating    landscape paintings   with   no   attempt   to   "copy"   literally   what's   out there,    and    explore    non-traditional    space,    shapes    and color.   This   is   a   workshop   involving   a   lot   of   "play"   and taking   visual   risks   with   landscape.   Jane   will   demonstrate and   teach   a   variety   of   ways   to   paint   stylized   and   abstract watercolor   paintings,   and   will   discuss   ways   of   defining space.    She    will    cover    the    use    of    a    limited    palette, dynamic   color   mixing,   and   the   use   of   light   and   value   to describe    form.    There    will    be    numerous    watercolor techniques   along   with   a   wide   variety   of   subjects   in   this creative and fun workshop. Our First Artist! Saturday, September 16, 2017 JANE SKAFTE - Watercolorist $140 payable by check day of workshop