Our Story  It was a dark and stormy night…Actually, it was Memorial Day weekend in about 1996 I think. I had moved to Pasadena & was bored stiff when I remembered a business card a friend had given me, a failed connection for her, possibly a connection for me. It was on my fridge, so I called Jim Petrovits on that Friday night, we met Saturday for wine in Pasadena, and we spent the next 20 years together. We both had the same goal: restaurant and a bed & breakfast. Within a couple of months we knew our path, and Jim began the search for our perfect restaurant & B&B. But before all this…   Here’s how it all went down…A Trinity College (CT) grad, Jim had moved to LA in 1964 with his late wife Joan, working for MONY with large employer benefits, etc. In 1974 Jim changed course & went to Glendale School of Law, earned his JD and went into business litigation as partner in a 3-partner firm in LA. Within a couple of years both partners (10 years Jim’s senior) died the same year of massive heart attacks. Jim moved his practice to estate planning/wills/small business, and signed up for culinary school. Jim graduated from Southern Calif School of Culinary Arts (SCSCA) in Pasadena (now Le Cordon Bleu) with honors, snagging a job with Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant Obachine (RIP). Jim was in culinary school when we met. I’ve always been a sucker for a man in uniform, especially one in striped pants and a funny hat.  Both of us were lifelong foodies, cooks & bakers, and I had longed to attend culinary school for years, beginning my serious culinary journey at age 22 with a $1.95 paperback of Julia Child’s ‘The French Chef.’ In the ‘80s & 90s, I attended California Culinary Academy for garde manger, sauces & catering (SF), French cooking classes in Concord, CA, & had a small catering business with a friend (Blazn Hog) in Modesto plus a full time job and family.  Jim encouraged me to attend culinary school, so I joined the Pastry/Baking program at SCSCA becoming a pastry chef with a focus on anything with butter, sugar, cream, chocolate, as well as an artisan bread baker. We were both following our dream. Then we found the Silver Thatch Inn, here in Charlottesville, VA, and we knew this was where we were supposed to be.  I lost Jim in August of 2016, but I still feel him next to me when I carve up and grind 20# of pork butt for our country sausage, or filet a side of salmon for gravlax, or mix up our spices and recipes. Everything is still made with the undeniable joy and love we gave to anything & everything we touched. We closed the restaurant portion of the Inn in January 2013, and I miss it so much, and I miss Jim like crazy. We were so fortunate to be able to realize our dream, and as a bonus, meet some pretty amazing people from around the world we used to call ‘Guest’ and now we call ‘Friend.’   So when you visit our Inn, Jim won’t be here to help solve the world’s problems over a glass of Jack, but I’ll take good care of you in the same spirit Jim and I created to welcome you to Charlottesville and the Silver Thatch Inn.    Terri Petrovits
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